July 23, 2010

install ericsson sds 4.2

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taken from : http://agile-soa.blogspot.com/2010/05/install-ericsson-service-development.html

Download and follow instruction from http://www.ericsson.com/developer/sub/open/technologies/ims_poc/tools/sds_40

This note added the following content to the standard installation instruction:
– added some environment settings to avoid errors during the installation
– recommend the best installation option
– added verification process
– Added trouble shooting to solve the frequent issues may happen during the installation

Pre-installation preparation
Some component installation (sailfin part) requires a “JAVA_HOME”. Under Windows, open a cmd window and use “echo %JAVA_HOME%” to check the setting. If it does not exist, add “JAVA_HOME” (I’m using JDK 1.6 on my laptop)

Recommended Installation Option

1) Don’t use the Eclipse + Pulsar way of installation. It does not allow you to select all components at one time and it’s error prone

2) Use the Eclipse J2EE one:

1. Download and install Eclipse JEE Edition (Galileo or Ganymede).

2. Ensure that the proxy settings are correct in Eclipse preferences.
It’s under menu: window -> preference -> General -> Network Connections…

3. Select Software updates under the Help menu.
4. Add the following URL: http://www.ericsson.com/developer/sds/pulsar.
– De-select “Show only the latest version….”
– De-select “Group items by category”

5. Install specific components by selecting them and clicking ‘Install’.
6. Complete installation by restarting Eclipse.

Installation Verification

* Open the Eclipse Environment

– go to the installation folder (e.g. C:/lab/sds/eclipse) and double click eclipse.exe

* Start the sailfin server

– In the Eclipse, switch to the “Java EE perspective”
– And you will see the “Servers” window below. If not, try to open it from Menu->Window->Show View-> Servers
– you will see “Sailfin v1 at localhost[stoped]”. Right click on it and choose “start”.
– If server starts properly, you will see the server status will change to [started, synchronized]. Check “console” view for more info.

* Start the DNS Server

There will be a “SDS” menu in the Eclipse menu:

Menu -> SDS – > Server -> DNS -> start DNS

see “console” for info

* Start the CSCF Server

Menu -> SDS – > Server -> CSCF -> start CSCF

* Start the PoC Server

Menu -> SDS – > Server -> PoC Server -> start Poc

// I have some issue of this…but I don’t need PoC server for now.

–Congratulations! the SDS has been correctly installed.


1. Sailfin could not start. go to the [install folder]\Ericsson SDS\Sailfin\bin
you should see asadmin.bat and many other files. If there are no such files, the sailfine is not properly installed due to the “JAVA_HOME” issue.
– reset JAVA_HOME
– under sailfin folder, explicitly execute this command “lib\ant\bin\ant -f setup.xml”
– Then try to start the sailfin server again.


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